• As a friend and training partner of Brent's for the past 15 years or so these are a few words that come to mind when I think of him:  athletic, educated, personal, integrity, ethical, competitor, giver, loyal, and real.  I have been a martial arts school owner for the past 16.5 years.  I have called on Brent on numerous occasions to help teach a class at my school.  I called on Brent because his teaching skills are world class!!  Do yourself a favor and sign up at SubConscious BJJ!!!  


     David Dunn - 

     Jean Jacques Machado 4th Degree Black Belt 

     IBJJF Masters NoGi World Champion

     Owner of Fight Academy

  • It's a great school but what makes it superb is Professor Brent, he teaches you and works on little things that improve your game dramatically. If you're looking for a no drama home.....this is the place!!! 


       Joey "Coco" Diaz

       Comedian/Actor & Podcaster

  •  I have known and trained with Brent for many years at the Jean Jacques Machado Academy. I have always enjoyed working with him because his character and work ethic are second to none. As a fellow student and training partner he always demonstrated a deep knowledge of the art and it showed when you trained with him. Very technical and precise, it was always a learning experience for me. He is someone I am proud to call a teammate and friend. I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to train with him to go for it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Jay Zeballos                                                                                                                                                           Jean Jacques Machado 3rd Degree Black Belt                                                                                                       Head Instructor at JJ Machado Academy-Malibu

  • "I've trained at several academies during my trips to LA, and Subconscious BJJ is the one I keep coming back to. Brent has been in the game longer than most and it shows in his technical knowledge, patience and most importantly, the atmosphere in the gym. Don't miss out on this hidden gem!"


       Nic Gregoriades,

       3rd degree Roger Gracie black belt,

       founder of Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

  • There are many black belts who might be very talented and won a lot of tournaments, but it takes a special person to be a great instructor. I have trained with Brent on and off for 3 years and I have to say his patience and technical ability is matched by only a few. He has inherited a lot from Jean Jacques I have to say and anyone who gets the privilege of being his student will not be disappointed.


      Abdallah Dabo

      Jean Jacques Machado Brown Belt


  • I have known Brent for years, we met when I was training at the Jean Jacques Machado Academy at Tarzana, CA. I always remember him as one of the guys I looked up to for advice and one that I wanted to emulate. He is not only very technical, but also a very gifted teacher. As a black belt, I to this day use many of the techniques that he taught me when I was a blue belt. The concepts and fundamentals that were shown to me by him have directly shaped my game today! He is a genuinely humble and kind person. Thank you Brent for all that you did for me and what you continue to do for the sport today. Oss!


      Sergio Machado- CheckMat Black Belt

      Owner at Team3 (IBJJF World Champ)

  • Professor Brent is such an amazing instructor- and all of his team/students are a direct reflection of this. I remember my first time coming to Subconscious as a female white belt who, at my previous academy, had dudes going full force in me using all of their strength to try to submit me etc and multiple injuries - I wasn't sure what to expect. To my pleasant surprise- not all Jiu Jitsu places were like that! These guys were GREAT! Very technical- if I was being submitted it was due to technique- not strength- and these guys were so humble and fun and showed me so so many new things! My game improved immensely during just a few weeks there compared to months at my previous academy. Professor Brent takes the time to give details that will help each person- and he is very attentive. On top of all this- he is a very conscious individual- as well as everyone at the academy. The         energy that flows between the team is contagious. Everyone builds each other up- and he is creating mat killers here! I have made some powerful connections here with the team- as they are all invited to our wedding! (My fiancé was a student of Subconscious before myself) so for any females looking for an excellent academy where you won't get tossed like a rag doll and will be shown technique and compassion but also discipline this is the place for you. Thank you professor Brent for being you and team Subconscious! OSS!

       Jessica- Yelp Review